Hickling and Squires Enhance Production Capabilities with New In-House Wide Format Printing

Hickling and Squires

a Nottingham-based printing specialist

known for its litho, web-to-print, and digital printing services, has recently moved its wide format printing in-house. This strategic shift was driven by the growing need to manage large format printing and finishing more directly. "The decision to bring wide format in-house was an obvious one due to the continuous increase in outsourcing," explained Jamie Gilbert, Production Director at Hickling and Squires. The move includes a significant investment of £170,000 in new equipment, featuring the International Graphics Supplies (IGS) Titanium 2516 cutting table and a Fuji Acuity Prime 30 UV Flatbed Printer. Gilbert highlighted that the Titanium 2516 with a router was highly recommended by their previous wide format outsourcing partner, Sherwood Universal, who had great success with the same model installed in 2021. This cutter is known for its robustness, adaptability, and competitive pricing. Paired with the Fuji Acuity 30, the new setup enables Hickling and Squires to diversify their product offerings, including point-of-sale displays, signage, kiss-cut labels, and prototype packaging.

Additionally, the setup enhances their existing operations: “The high precision drag knife allows us to intricately cut our coating blankets for our three Heidelberg presses, creating detailed varnish areas,” Gilbert added.

The transition to in-house production was seamless, with the IGS team managing a smooth installation process. “We were ready for production within hours of delivery, and the training for handling a wide range of rigid materials we stock has been excellent,” Gilbert noted.

The Titanium 2516, purchased from Monmouthshire-based International Graphics Supplies, is part of a broader series of cutting tables. These range from the fully automatic Titanium 0912, ideal for those entering the short-run packaging market, to larger formats up to 3.0 x 3.2 meters for extensive wide format printing needs. Each machine includes a high-resolution registration camera to ensure precise cuts, along with standard tools such as drag knives, oscillating knives, kiss-cut knives, V-Cut knives, and creasing wheels. Specialty tools available include routers and rotary tools for textiles, providing versatility across various materials, from Dibond and corrugated materials to woods and plastics.

Peter Flynn, Managing Director at IGS, commented on the installation: “I’m very pleased to see Hickling and Squires are already enjoying the many benefits of a Titanium cutter. As Jamie has noted, our price-to-performance ratio is difficult to match, and this powerful combination is helping us build a very impressive portfolio of customers.”

With this new capability, Hickling and Squires are set to enhance their operational efficiency and expand their market reach, offering a wider array of high-quality printed products directly to their clients.