IGS Training Videos

Welcome to the Training Hub at IGS-digital.com, your go-to resource for mastering the use of our cutting-edge printing and cutting technologies. Whether you’re new to our products or looking to refine your skills, our comprehensive training videos are designed to help you achieve proficiency and maximize the potential of your equipment.

How to make envelope by 0806 cutting and plotter cutting
How to install tools of 0604 digital die cutters
How to kiss cut KT board by CNC oscillating knife cutter
How to use KT board to make the bridge of magpies by IGS's automated die cutting machines
How to cut printed KT board to make the gift box with flatbed cutting plotter
How to cut 100mm EPE foam by IGS CNC oscillating knife cutter with double head
How to cut red envelope on 0806
How to make tiger head shape with 16mm thick honeycome board by CNC oscillating knife cutter ?
How to make holiday gift box by JWEI‘s Corrugated Cardboard Box Making Machine
How to adjust auto tool device position
How to adjust the auto tool depth setting
How to calibrate auto tool depth setting
How to do half cut with oscillating tool
How to do multi pass on router
How to half cut with router
How to install centre cut tool
How to install creasing wheel
How to install grey board V cut tool