N3 Display Graphics Boosts Production Capabilities with New Titanium 2516 Cutter

New Titanium 2516 Cutter

In an exciting development for the printing industry

N3 Display Graphics, a prominent large format printer located in Bristol, has significantly enhanced its in-house production capabilities. The company has invested in a new Titanium 2516 cutter equipped with a Router, paving the way for expanded service offerings and increased customer satisfaction. Nick Holland, Director at N3 Display Graphics, shared insights into the decision-making process behind the acquisition. "After evaluating various cutting machine manufacturers to complement our existing Zund capacity, we were particularly impressed by the Titanium 2516's robustness, versatility, and competitive pricing," Holland said. This decision was reinforced during a visit to DecTek, which operates eight Titanium cutters.

The advantages of the Titanium 2516 became evident during demonstrations, where its speed, precision, and quality output across diverse materials stood out. “The return on investment with this machine is expected to be swift, and it’s already proving its worth by freeing up resources to enhance other areas of our business,” Holland added.

The installation and training for the new cutter were expertly managed by the IGS team, who also fine-tuned the Onyx workflow to meet the specific needs of N3 Display Graphics’ diverse clientele. “The new equipment has not only expanded our capacity but has also enabled us to attract new customers, boosting our market presence,” Holland remarked with satisfaction.

The Titanium 2516 was supplied by International Graphic Supplies (IGS), a well-regarded machinery supplier based in Monmouthshire. The Titanium series boasts a range of cutting tables designed for various segments of the print market, from small format digital and litho press users to large format print operators. These tables vary in size and are equipped with precision cutting tools and high-resolution registration cameras to ensure meticulous accuracy in cutting printed materials.

Peter Flynn, Managing Director at IGS, expressed his enthusiasm about the positive feedback from N3 Display Graphics. “It’s rewarding to see that the Titanium cutter not only meets but exceeds expectations. It’s challenging traditional market leaders and helping us to establish a strong customer base,” Flynn commented. Since its first installation in February 2019, the Titanium series has continued to attract a robust clientele, enhancing IGS’s position in the market.

With its new cutting-edge technology, N3 Display Graphics is set to continue its trajectory of growth and innovation, reinforcing its commitment to delivering superior quality and service in the large format printing arena.