Elecroc Workflow

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ElecRoc is a fully integrated JDF/PDF pre-press workflow with server/client system structure that achieves more stability and higher processing efficiency. It has many functional modules, user friendly interface, and is easy to operate. Job processing is more secure and file management is easier and more convenient.

A special edition is available for flexo printing support.

Screening Technologies
19 industrial proved screenings for flexo, offset, newspaper, gravure, silk and letterpress.
Hybrid AM & FM screening.
User definable FM screening.
Flexo Round screening & Flexo Round Balance screening.

Preflight templates.
Multi-function preflight.
Object navigation.
Automatic preflight.
Preflight report.

Trapping templates.
Available for graphics, images, spot color & bi-directional gradients.
Global trap & zone trap.
Internal image trap.
Transparency trap.

Imposition & Ganging
Imposition templates, JDF enabled.
User definable imposition.
Instant preview.
Multi-function ganging module available for interactive settings,
double-sided works, automatic ganging & bypass, step & repeat,
automatic page numbering & smart marks

Ink saving templates.
Save up to 20% ink coverage.
Standard / customer ICC supported.
Available color mode: RGB, CMYK & spot color.
Available for PDF-based & screening-based EcoInk

Plate Size

1030 x 790, 1055 x 811, 525 x 459, 745 x 605

Plate Caliper

.15 mm, .3 mm