Hydrotherm SP1 Water Washable CTP Plate

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Water Washable thermal negative plate with wide operating latitude, optional post baking for extremely long runs with normal and UV inks


0.15mm (0.006”), 0.20mm (0.008”), 0.25mm (0.0098’), 0.30mm (0.012”) and 0.40mm (0.015”)

Spectral sensitivity
800 – 850nm

Platesetter compatibility
Screen PT-R, Heidelberg Topsetter and Suprasetter, Kodak Trendsetter, Lotem and Magnus and Luscher Xpose!

Laser energy required
120mJ/cm2 – 200mJ/cm2

1% – 99% at 200lpi

FM capability
20 micron stochastic

On press with fountain solution and inks
Off press with water and hand soap using positive and negative plate processors

Post baking conditions
Apply IGS140B Baking Gum before baking
• Static oven: 220 – 230°C for a duration of 3 – 5 minutes
• Online oven: 240°C for a duration of 4 minutes

Run length
Over 25,000 impressions unbaked and 250,000 impressions baked 100,000 impressions with UV or EB inks after post baking (Actual run length may vary according to press, ink and paper conditions)

2 hours under white light and 4 hours under yellow light

Shelf life
12 months under air conditioning below 25°C

Available in all standard formats, including bulk and Auto Pallet Loader (APL) formats

Transport and storage
Unopened plate packs should be stored flat and away from excessive cold, heat and humidity. Use in a controlled environment of 10 – 25°C and 40 – 80% RH, non condensing

Plate Size

1030 x 790, 1055 x 811, 525 x 459, 745 x 605

Plate Caliper

.15 mm, .3 mm