Hydroviolet UV CTP Plate

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Hydro Violet is a bright green, single layer, positive working UV sensitive plate with wide operation latitude for medium print lengths. It can be post-baked to provide long run on press with aggressive press chemistry, such as UV inks and blanket washers


0.15mm (0.006”), 0.20mm (0.008”), 0.25mm (0.0098”), 0.30mm (0.012”) and 0.40mm (0.015”)

Any suitable internal drum, external drum and flat-bed platesetters

Spectral sensitivity
350 – 450nm with the peak sensitivity at around 400 nm

Laser power
40 – 70 mW

Screen reproduction
1% – 99% at 200lpi

Up to 3200 DPI and stochastic (FM) screen 20 microns

Image print-out
Dark brown

Any suitable processors for use with positive plates

Ready to use IGSP85 or IGSP500 with different dilutions

Developer temperature
23°C (±1°C)

Development time
25 seconds (± 5) in immersion

Ready to use IGSP85 Developer or IGSP500 Developer with different dilutions Replenishing rate between 60 and 120m1/m

Recommend to use the IGS140G Plate Finisher

Baking conditions
Apply IGS140B Baking Gum before baking
• Static oven: 220 – 230°C for a duration of 3 to 5 minutes
• Online oven: 240°C for a duration of 4 minutes

Print length
50,000 to 100,000 impressions with unbaked plate
Over 500,000 impressions with post baked plate (Actual print length may vary according to press, ink and paper conditions)

Safe light
Strongly recommend to handle the Hydro Violet plate under safety yellow light and low UV radiation

Shelf life
12 months under recommended storage conditions

Available in all standard formats, including bulk and Auto Pallet Loader (APL)

Transport and storage
Closed plate packs should be stored flat away from excessive cold, heat and humidity. Recommend to store in a controlled environment at 10 – 25°C and 40 – 80% relative humidity

Prepress chemicals
Ready to use IGSP85, IGSP500, IGS140G and IGS140B are available from International Graphic Supplies

Plate Size

1030 x 790, 1055 x 811, 525 x 459, 745 x 605

Plate Caliper

.15 mm, .3 mm