Platinum 1325 UV Printer


Introducing the Model Platinum 1325 UV Printer, a versatile printing solution designed to elevate your creative projects. With dimensions of L4840mm x W2250mm x H1470mm, it offers ample space for your printing needs.

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How it works

Equipped with advanced printheads including SPT1024GS, CE4M, G5, and G6, the Model Platinum 1325 ensures precise and high-quality printing results. Its impressive print width of L2440mm x W1220mm allows you to work with various media types including wood, density board, glass, metal, sheet, chevron board, PVC, acrylic plate, and ceramic tiles.

Unlock endless possibilities and bring your ideas to life with the Model Platinum 1325 from IGS.

Platinum 1325 UV Printer 1jpg
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