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Revolutionise Your Printing with the Single Pass Printer

Introducing the Single Pass Printer by IGS, a state-of-the-art solution designed for efficient, high-quality digital printing on a wide range of materials. Perfect for businesses in packaging, textiles, and more, this printer offers unmatched flexibility and cost savings.

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singla pass printer features

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How it works

Key Features

  • Single Pass Digital Printing: No plate or engraving required. Easily switch between patterns for one-piece or mass-production runs, saving time and money.
  • Low Printing Cost: Print for as low as £0.02 per square metre.
  • Industrial Printheads: Equipped with HP widepage industrial printheads, supporting up to three heads for a maximum print width of 620mm. OEM size customisation available.
  • Labour Savings: Operate with just one person, no technical skills required.
  • High Speed: Print up to 30 metres per minute with an auto belt conveyor and vacuum table, capable of producing over 30,000 corrugated boxes per hour.
  • Accurate Printing: Infrared sensor ensures precise location of incoming products for accurate printing.
  • Eco-Friendly Inks: Uses fast-drying, water-based ink that is environmentally friendly and waterproof immediately after printing.


The Single Pass Printer is versatile, capable of printing on:

  • Cartons and corrugated boxes
  • Pizza boxes
  • Non-woven fabrics
  • Sacks and handbags
  • Canvas and cotton bags
  • Wood boards
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Disposable paper cups
  • Egg boxes, and more

Technical Specifications

  • Printheads: 1-3 HP widepage industrial printheads
  • Maximum Printing Thickness: 200mm (7.82 inches)
  • Printing Widths:
    • A4 Head: 8.46’’ to 25.39’’
    • A3 Head: 11.81’’ to 35.43’’
  • Material Widths: Up to 47.24’’
  • Printer Dimensions:
    • A4 Model: 59 x 33.5 x 51.6 inches to 65 x 60.2 x 70.1 inches
    • A3 Model: 59 x 33.5 x 51.6 inches to 65 x 60.2 x 70.1 inches
  • Weight: Net weight ranges from 300kg to 450kg, with gross weight from 400kg to 550kg.
  • Ink System: Aqueous/dye/pigment water-based ink with a 3000ML tank per colour and a continuous ink supply system (CISS).
  • Operating Conditions:
    • Temperature: 15℃30℃ (59ºF86ºF)
    • Humidity: 30%-70%
    • Voltage: 220V/AC(±10%), 50Hz, 1KW(Max.)
    • Noise Level: ≤70db(A)

Software and System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows® 7/10 (64 bit) recommended
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5, 2.5 GHz or higher
  • Storage: 1 GB install space, 100 GB working space
  • Memory: RAM > 8GB
  • Data Interface: Gigabit Ethernet port
singla pass printer features
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