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Introducing the Titanium 0912 Digital Cutter, a ground breaking solution developed by IGS to meet the evolving needs of the market. Tthe Titanium 0912 Digital Cutter, is tailored for the graphic and packaging industry, addressing the challenges faced in the short-run digital die-free market.

Equipped with cutting-edge tools from IGS’s extensive library, the Titanium 0912  Digital Cutter offers a fully automatic intelligent solution for cutting a wide range of materials including cardboard, self-adhesive materials, PVC, PP plate sheets, gray board, E/F-flute, corrugated board, KT board, and more.

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How it works

The Titanium 0912 Box Digital Cutter is a fully automated solution for cardboard box cutting, boasting a larger format of 900x1200mm to accommodate various production requirements. With an upgraded stack height of 180mm, it ensures enhanced efficiency while maintaining precision. Achieving cutting speeds of 70 seconds per A3 and 90 seconds per B2, it maximizes productivity without compromising quality.

Featuring multiple working modes for B3, B2+, and B1+, it serves as an ideal finishing solution for post-printing jobs, providing versatility and reliability to streamline your production process. Experience the future of digital cutting technology with the Titanium 0912 Box Digital Cutter from IGS.


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