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Technical Specifications

Multi-functional machine
Oscillating knife, offset knife, rotary knife,snip knife, cursor, drawing, automatic feeding
Tools Wide and diverse range of cutting blades, and varying sizes of creasing wheels.
Safety device Infrared sensor, responsive, safe and reliable
Moving speed Up to 1500 mm/s
Cutting speed Up to 1200 mm/s (Depends on different materials)
Cutting thickness Up to 50mm (Depends on different materials)
Cutting material UV material, outdoor printing fabric, light sheet, gridding cloth, flag fabric, stickers, KT board, PVC expansion sheet, corrugated paper, honey comb board etc.
Servo precisiony +/-0.01mm
Repeat precision +/-0.05mm
Buffer memory 2GB
Interface Ethernet port
Material fixing meathod Vacuum adsorption
Work command HP-GL compliant format
Transmission system Servo driver, high precise gear
Numerical control panel EN LED Touch screen
Power Supply AC 380V+/-10%
Working Environment Temperature 0-35 degree; Humidity 60% – 80%
Effective Cutting Area 2500mm*1600mm | 3500*1600 | 5500*1600 | 2500*2000 | 3500*2000 | 5500*2000 | 3000*3200
Machine Size(mm) 3370mm*2380mm*1300mm(not including automatic board loading system)

Printing & Packaging.
Dieless, Customised, Short-run Finishing Solutions

Low voltage control panel integrated inside the cutter

The low voltage control panel is integrated into the cutter with “drawer” design, taking full advantage of spare room inside.

High voltage control panel

Mount the high voltage enclosure inside the cutter, which lay aside the cutter previously, easy for cable connection as a result of appropriate layout.

Pneumatic parts layout

Mount all pneumatic parts on the back of a steel plate guard on one side of the cutter, easy for adjustment and maintenance.

Automatic offset of cutting tool

Add two automatic cutting tool offset units, one left and one right on the platform, enhanced effeciency and performance.

Appearance design

Professionally industrial design appearance, a feast for eyes.

Cutting heads

upgrade modules and motors with smaller dimensions and compact appearance. Enhanced rigidity, less weight.