Stickershop’s Investment in IGS’s Titanium 330-R Reel-to-Reel Label Cutter

IGS 330-R Reel-to-Reel Label Cutter

Founded in 2017

Stickershop has established itself as a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive labels and stickers, operating out of Bristol. The company has experienced consistent growth, now boasting a dedicated team of twelve professionals. Stickershop's advanced production facility features nine Roland Wide Format Print Printers, a Titanium 2516 Digital Cutter from International Graphics Supplies (IGS) acquired in 2021, six Graphtec cutters, and a Ricoh Digital Production Colour Printer. Recently, to meet the soaring demand for core labels, Stickershop has invested in an IGS Titanium 330-R reel-to-reel label cutter.
Shane Pritchard, Director of Stickershop, shared, “After evaluating various label cutting machines, including laser cutting options, and visiting a Titanium 330-R user, we found that the Titanium 330-R not only met but exceeded our expectations. Given our positive experience with the Titanium 2516, choosing IGS for our reel-to-reel cutter was straightforward.” The Titanium 330-R integrates seamlessly into Stickershop’s workflow, enhanced by bespoke software developed by Director Callum Baker. This software streamlines the entire process, from order to dispatch, through barcode scanning. This automation significantly boosts efficiency, allowing the company to handle a high volume of daily orders with ease.

Designed for the label market, the Titanium 330-R is a comprehensive digital label cutter. It performs digital die-cutting, cold laminating, excess label material removal, and slitting, ensuring a professional finish for labels. The auto deviation correction feature ensures precise feeding, while eight automatic alignment cutting heads achieve a cutting speed of 12 meters per minute with a maximum cutting size of 330 x 1,000 mm. The finished labels are collated into a roll and can be slit at 60 meters per minute, with the option to cut the roll into sheets if needed.
Peter Flynn, Managing Director at IGS, commented on the rapid growth of the short-run, high-value, fast-turnaround label market. He noted that traditional processes often struggle to keep up, with an average Flexo press producing four jobs per eight-hour shift compared to twelve jobs for digital label presses. The Titanium 330-R, capable of cutting any label shape digitally without the need for costly cutting dies, lamination, and slitting machines, offers an ideal solution. This flexibility allows businesses to produce custom designs in smaller quantities affordably.
Priced at £69,000.00 + VAT, the Titanium 330-R includes delivery, installation, training, and a twelve-month parts and labor warranty, promising a quick return on investment. This makes it a compelling choice for anyone in the label industry or print service providers looking to expand their product offerings.
For more information on the Titanium 330-R reel-to-reel label cutter and how it can revolutionise your label production, click HERE.