Titanium 0604


Max. cutting depth l.5mm
Cutting media Cardboard, plastic film, kraft paper, varnishing blankets and more
Media fixture method Vacuum suction
Repeat Precision 0.1mm
Transmission Servomotor
Rated power 4kw
Effective Cutting Area 600mmx400mm.
Machine size 2250mmx800mmxll00mm.

Printing & Packaging.
Dieless, Customised, Short-run Finishing Solutions

Safety Protection

Have peace of mind that your operators are working safely, even as the cutter reaches high speeds, with integrated infrared sensors and an anti-crash unit.

Smart Cutting Head

Achieve a fast and accurate finish – every time and on every job – with interchangeable tools.

Powerful Auto Feeder

Work smoothly and seamlessly, with your sheets fed through continuously and cut to unlimited lengths.

Intuitive Touch Screen

Boost productivity and offer your staff the best experience with a familiar touch screen design that’s easy to learn and simple to use.

Pioneering Sheet-edge Recognition

Take advantage of cutting-edge technology – literally – that automatically scans sheet edges and cuts prints with unparalleled precision.

High Quality Felt Mat

The most popular felt mat of 4mm thickness and high-duty honeycomb aluminum panel of high levelness..

Innovative QR-code Scanner

Retrieve pre-stored cutting files and automatically trigger cutting operations using the CCD camera to scan printed QR codes.

Printing & Packaging.

Dieless, Customised, Short-run Finishing Solutions

High compatibility with graphics software and structure-design software including AutoCAD, Coreldraw,Illustrator, EngView, Arden Impact and TreeDiM.

Optimised workflow to take you from print to finishing with ease.

Dieless finishing which requires no physical dies, eliminating the cost of physical die-making, storage and management

Swift, seamless working even when creating irregular shapes – enhancing your efficiency and driving flexibility so you can meet your customers’ demands quicker and easier

User-friendly design HMI for simple operation freeing up your operators so they can work more productively and on more pressing tasks.

IGS loT Platform

Real time monitoring • remote control • fault alarm • fault alarm • remote terminal • data & graph • remote commissioning •